You're in the equipment business to make money.
That doesn't mean selling equipment is the only way to do it.
Right now, when your customers are out of work, you're out of work. That's part of the business model that's been broken for a long time, especially in this economy. During this one-day session you discover ways to create revenue even when your customers are not buying equipment, parts, or service, or renting. Rather than wait for the economy to improve, be the one to lead the improvement process for you and your customers.
Start Filling the Revenue Gap Now
In 2010, Northern California construction professionals took advantage of a new tool for improving themselves as leaders in their companies. Not knowing exactly what to expect, they attended a one-day event called Twelve O’Clock High. What they learned and took back to put into place in their day-to-day operations is an opportunity open to you as well. See who came and what they have to say about their experience.

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Twelve O'Clock High Sidebar is a world renown movie classic. It's also recognized as one of the most powerful business learning tools available. No other movie lands you so squarely in the middle of a management crisis then brings in the leadership genius to turn things around. As a tool for finding and solving daily issues that keep you from moving ahead faster, it is a virtual giant! As part of this one-day event, it accelerates pivotal shifts in the way you see yourself and your company and what you will do to create more results in less time, starting at 8:00 Monday morning.
In This or Any Economy. It's said the nation is in a period of economic recovery. The California construction industry, however, is still reeling from lack of long-term project funding, record-low bids, and profit margins that keep growth at a standstill. When things are this tight, organizational issues that may go unnoticed during good times can easily make or break your bottom line. Good leadership, in every position in your company, gets everyone on top of their game and keeps them there. It protects your business against whatever is coming next—from the economy, natural disaster, other outside forces—and starts moving more cash back into your bottom line.

Why Leadership Matters. When you develop your leadership know-how and effectiveness, you accelerate results during good times and eliminate the stress of scrambling to stay afloat when things take turns for the worse. You are strong, solid, and prepared to keep moving forward according to your agenda, no matter what is happening around you.
You learn more from the ideas and leadership and management tools you are exposed to during this innovative, one-day event than you get from any traditional seminar, training, or consultant.
This is critical right now because success in 2011 requires every leader to:
  • Have a clear vision—the “why” behind what you do every day
  • Personally create big results
  • Get the rest of your team doing the right things
Here's what you can expect from a day with Jim White:
  • Identify which management styles are currently at work in your organization
  • Discover which 5 leadership strategies can add 20% to your bottom line
  • Use the two most powerful ways to make decisions—and the outcomes of each
  • Adopt nine goal-setting criteria proven to drive your business forward in any economy
  • Communicate so the right things get done by the right people at the right time
  • Delegate in a way that frees you up to take care of the BIG picture
  • Ensure profit-driven productivity in each part of your company
  • Become expert at time-management strategies that give you back up to two hours a day
  • Master morale-building techniques that work—and immediately ditch those that don't
  • Develop structure, discipline, and accountability at every level of your enterprise

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The joint venture between Tractor Equipment Sales, Inc., and JL White International, Inc., has resulted in TES Asset Management & Consulting Group and the ability to offer businesses across even more industries the experience of Twelve O'Clock High. In Northern California construction alone, dozens of companies—contractors, OEMs, dealerships, and associations—have recently participated. These attendees walk away with the tools and personalized guidance that business leaders worldwide have been taking advantage of for nearly two decades.

Here’s a look at what some of these recent attendees have to say about their experience.
Imagine getting these types of take-aways for you and your company.
See the list of recent attendees in Northern California. Click Here.
Michael Mathews"It was nice to have a day to get away from it all for a bit and reflect on things. It’s amazing when you do that what you find out about yourself. I got some very productive tools I can take back and immediately put into place to provide impact not only for us but for those who work for us."
- Michael Mathews, President
Volvo Construction Equipment & Services California
Tom Kirkjian "Time-management was one of the things I was looking at. I got tools to be able to calibrate and make time effective and efficient. Thank you."
- Tom Kurkjian, Human Resources—Recruiting Officer
Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.
Rob Doud "The whole experience turbo-charges your ability to see your own situation and take specific actions to make it better. Because of the level of the participants in the room, we all gain from the discussion. Ideas build and build. It was much more than I expected."
- Robert Doud, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
McGuire and Hester, Inc.
Saeed Yousuf "First and foremost, I learned to sharpen delegations skills. Going back to those twelve points and practicing them will benefit me and my company."
- Saeed Yousuf, Chief Operating Officer
Robert A. Bothman, Inc.
Caroline Kim "I learned that the strengths I have are good strengths and what I can do to build on that, make them better, and utilize them to the fullest."
- Caroline Kim, Human Resources Manager
Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.
Mike Herron "Fantastic. The goal I had was to get methods and tools for dealing with organizational conflict issues. You basically handed me the package and said here’s how you communicate—here’s what isn’t effective and what is. Just knowing that takes me light years down the road from where I was when I walked in at 7:30 this morning."
- Mike Herron, Director of Contractor Services
Engineering & Utility Contractors Association
Ron Shcoenfeld "My take-aways were understanding myself better and understanding others by behavior. I came to a realization today, a light-bulb moment."
- Ron Schoenfeld, Senior Category and Lead
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Robert Pedersen
"A Good value for my time."
- Robert Pedersen, President / CEO
A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals, Inc.
Jackie Mezeul "The Circle of Success will be something I look at often and practice. And, the DISC analysis was right on—a great way to get through some barriers."
- Jackie Mezeul, Business Development Manager
American Technologies, Inc.
Scott Leary "Thank you for turning us on to this masterpiece of a movie. You really have a gift for putting it all together and bringing it home for us. The tools you make available are extremely valuable. All the information makes for a terrific day."
- Scott Leary, Executive Director
Builders Exchange of Alameda County (BEAC)
Rodney Michaelson "I watched this movie twice before I came to get a feel for it because once I got the invitation from Jim, I thought, 'great concept!' And, it is."
- Rodney Michaelson, Equipment Manager
Bay Cities Paving and Grading, Inc
We’re all familiar with the power of a good movie ...
... You can watch a movie about a struggling football team and predict which player is most likely to score the game-winning touchdown and why.

... You can watch a movie about a troubled marriage and immediately see what's gone wrong and how to fix it.

... Movies bring reality into sharper focus to quickly give you a perspective on everyday issues you can't get anywhere else.

Jim White takes the best movies out there one giant, profitable leap forward.
You get a greater understanding of yourself as a leader, plus tools and techniques you will use immediately
, starting at 8:00 Monday morning.
Why Now? These are proven insights and tools that take leaders to the next level in any economy. But, right now, the slow recovery makes the need to be more efficient and effective as a leader even greater.

Jim Be Rebound Ready. Good leadership makes sure the things you do today also make your company ready for the coming rebound. This kind of informed, strategic leadership is not a complicated overhaul of the way you currently do things. It requires simple shifts in awareness and actions—all things you learn at this event.

Meet Jim White, PhD. Jim White is CEO of Tractor Equipment Sales, Inc., and TES Asset Management and Consulting Group. He is also Founder and CEO of JL White International, Inc., a management consulting and leadership development firm. By 1991, he had already achieved international recognition as CEO of Blount World Trade Corporation, Vice President and Division Manager of Ingersoll Rand Equipment Corporation, and as owner and Managing Director of ACEC Centrifugal Pumps NV, Belgium. He had also bought, grown, and sold twenty-two companies—operating in forty-three countries—that he revived and developed into thriving, profitable enterprises, generating in excess of 1.8 billion dollars in revenue.

Asked to share his expertise, he founded JL White International in 1991. Since then Jim White has served a range of international clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small business owners. He is the creator of the Circle of Success® a customized, yearlong leadership and management transformation process. He is also the creator of Jim White’s Classic Movie Series® and The Red Carpet Tour™.
See a list of Jim White's national and international clients. Click Here.
At this one-day event, you'll be with others in your position—business owners, CEOs, CFOs, project managers, equipment managers, and other other industry professionals. It’s a good way to make some great face-to-face contacts and develop relationships.

Your Ticket Price to This Blockbuster Event:
Only $599!
*In order to give you one-on-one time with Jim White,
each summit is limited to 16 participants.
Come on Your Own or with Your Team:
Call us to arrange a private summit for you and your team.
The investment per attendee includes all of the following:
  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks
  • Personalized DISC Analysis Report
  • Full Day of Group and Personalized Instruction
  • All Training and Course Materials
  • Post-Event Q&A Webinar
  • Two Follow-up Email Support Sessions with Jim White
Where: Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA
Event Details:
7:30am  - 
Arrival /
8:00am  -  Event Start
12:00pm  -  Lunch
6:00pm  -  Adjourn

Dress: Business Casual
For More Information
Or, to register by phone,
please contact:
Phone: 1-888-934-2257

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